Creating Web Apps with R and Shiny (Workshop Edition)

Create and share applications with R and Shiny

Scope of the course

Shiny is an R package (and ecosystem of packages) that allows the creation of web apps directly from R. It can be used to build standalone applications, mobile apps or embed interactive reports in your documents and presentations.

Aim of this course is to introduce participants to the Shiny ecosystem and show them how to
approach data exploration, storytelling and communication by going beyond static reports
and graphs, and create engaging and interactive data stories.


● Introduction to web technologies used for building Shiny apps (terminology, theory)
● Structure of a Shiny application
● Designing the front-end of your application
● Most common front-end elements for Shiny applications
● The heart of Shiny, designing the server-side part of your application
● Storing and retrieving data (intro to SQLite databases for local storage)
● Shiny extensions, extending the functionality of your application (including interactive
maps and dynamic visualizations)
● How to deploy and share your application

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