Currently, we offer 2 types of courses.

Online Self-Study courses are courses you can do at your own pace online. They come in many flavours, some only including written material, while others mix video recordings with written material.

Workshop type courses are courses taught be instructors live and online. The audience is limited and your presence is required for successful completion of the course. This is our most popular course format, and its strength is direct interaction with the instructors, getting answers to your questions and deeper explanations when required.

List of available and upcoming courses

You can pre-register your interest for upcoming courses and register for courses that are already planned

Free Courses

6 Lessons

Crash Course – From Messy Data to Interactive Reports (Free for all, self-study)

A crash course that deals with a scientific agricultural dataset


0 Lessons

Creating Web Apps with R and Shiny (Workshop Edition)

Create and share applications with R and Shiny

0 Lessons

Tidy data transformation and visualization with R

Advance your data manipulation and visualization skills

0 Lessons

Scientific Reporting and Communication with R

Create visually pleasing and interactive reports with R

0 Lessons

Introduction to R and RStudio

Intro to R for absolute beginners. It starts here!